Full Terms and Conditions

These conditions apply to the Hirer named on the booking form and any persons given access to the event space by the Hirer or the Hirer’s organisation during the booked session (‘event users’). The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that these conditions are complied with.

1.       The site may be used only for the purpose stated on the booking form. No illegal activities may be conducted on the premises.

2.       The Hirer is responsible for obtaining Public Liability Insurance and any other relevant insurance.

3.       The Hirer is responsible for obtaining any licences which may be needed from the Performing Rights Society, Phonographic Performance Ltd, the local authority or any other such body, and for compliance with the terms of those licences.

4.       The Hirer will, at all times, adhere to the terms of the Green Park Station premises license. A copy of the site license is available on request.

5.       The Hirer will, during the Period of Hire and until the Site Area(s) are cleared of all persons involved in the event, be responsible for:

a.        Effective supervision of the Site Area(s), including control of children and the safe and orderly stewarding of persons entering or leaving the event (including providing adequate number of stewards & security staff, as outlined in the hirer’s completed risk assessment)

b.       Keeping the Site Area(s) safe and maintaining good order and decency;

c.        Keeping the conditions imposed by the Fire Officer and ensuring that all fire exits from the Site remain unobstructed throughout the event, and that no obstruction is placed in any route leading to a fire exit;

d.       Creating and adhering to a fire risk assessment to ensure the safety of all in the event of a fire, including the appointment & induction of fire marshals for the event.

e.       Not exceeding the maximum capacity of the event as stated in the hirer’s completed risk assessment.

f.         Compliance with and enforcement of the Proprietor’s no smoking policy on the Site Area(s) at all times throughout and by reason of the hire (including vaporizers).

g.        Compliance with all the conditions made in respect of the premises by the Fire Authority, Local Authority, the Local Magistrates' Court or any other such body.

6.       The Hirer must ensure that any electrical appliances brought onto the premises and used there are safe and in good working order, have an up to date PAT certificate, and are used in a safe manner.

7.       The Hirer shall ensure that nothing is done on or in relation to the premises in contravention of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries.

8.       If the site users are preparing, serving or selling food during the session, they must comply with all the relevant health and hygiene legislation and regulations. Ask EPC staff for more information, or contact BANES Council directly.

9.       If the site users are trading goods / services on site, they must comply with the Market Trading terms and conditions of the site, and must return a signed copy of the Market Trader Terms and Conditions with this form (please request a copy from gps_bath@ethicalproperty.co.uk)

10.    Where the Premises are let for the purpose of an event, exhibition,  show or sale of work, the Hirer will submit a plan of the layout in advance for approval by EPC and no setting up of stalls, stands, catwalk or other equipment will take place without that approval.

11.    No bills, posters, banners or other notices relating to the event in question, or other future events (on or off site), may be posted on or against the exterior or interior of the Premises without the prior written consent of manager. The Hirer will not be entitled to grant sound, television broadcasting or filming rights without the prior written permission of EPC.

12.    The Hirer must indemnify the Ethical Property Company for any damage or loss caused to the premises.

13.    Any personal injury or loss or damage to property must be reported to EPC staff at the end of the session (or immediately if serious).

14.    Any rubbish and/or recycling produced during the session must be taken off site by the hirer – there are no facilities for the disposal of rubbish/recycling for hirers on site.

EPC will be permitted to suspend or terminate the event and require immediate clearance of the Premises if the Hirer is deemed to be failing to comply with any Clauses herewith.